Lil Wayne Drops The World On Its Head On His Way To Jail

Lil Wayne is finally being sentenced to jail today on gun charges. Fair enough. It’s like Sun Tzu said in The Art of War: live by the sword, go to jail for having an unregistered handsword in your tour bus. Weezy is expected to spend a year behind bars, which will give him plenty of time to think about what exactly he’s trying to do with his Twitter feed. Are we really supposed to believe that the only thing Lil Wayne ever thinks about is love? What is he, a bathroom book of platitudes? Just think about it, Lil Wayne, that’s all I’m saying. It will also give him plenty of time to make his own Prison Codeine, which I believe involves putting a potato in a sock inside of a toilet? Not sure where he’s going to get a bottle of Jones Soda for his mixer, though. (FACT: Lil Wayne loves Jones Soda.)

Anyway, Lil Wayne, facing a year in prison for weapons charges did what anyone would do: he made a music video featuring Eminem, terrible green screen effects, and a ruthless gang of skateboarders:

This is just like that movie 25th Hour in which Edward Norton played a man facing a prison term trying to come to terms with how many music videos he was going to make in his final hours. Good luck, Lil Wayne! We will be waiting for you right here when you get out.