Nicolas Cage Looks Great! (Nicolas Cage Does Not Look Great.)

Accio Shame!

Whoa, check out Mr. Cool Cloak. This is a photo of Nicolas Cage on the set of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice reshoots that I guess they are doing in New York this week (via Collider, who has a couple more photos, each one as hilarious as the last). I wonder why they’re doing reshoots? Probably because Nicolas Cage’s wig was TOO believable in the original footage. I guess it must just be a slow news day (because if there is one thing this site is about, it is news), but this picture makes me laugh, and I love to share laughter with others. Just kidding. I hate sharing everything. What if I share it and then there’s not as much for me as I wanted? No, that’s not going to work. Whoever invented sharing didn’t think it through.

But also this photo! I know that movies are magical and transport us to other worlds, but sometimes it’s funny to be so blatantly reminded of how they are literally grown adults doing make believe. As their job! “No time for breakfast, honey, I have to get to work pretending to be a fucking homeless transexual wizard. I’m at the top of my field!” Just another day at the office for Nicolas ‘I Think If Anything The Wig Glue Is Improving My Decision Making Skills’ Cage. Dress for the ridiculous job you want, not the ridiculous job you have. Et cetera.