Keeping Away From The Joneses

The Joneses trailer, you guys:

Look, I haven’t gone to business school, and I know that I am mostly a very stupid person who up until college always misheard “windchill factor” as “windshield factor” and did not understand why the temperature of a windshield was important enough information to be broadcast on the radio, but even I know that a “rich family” in an expensive suburban subdivision doesn’t have the kind of REACH needed for them to be particularly effective as a marketing tool, thereby rendering the entire plot of this movie unbelievable and ridiculous. That being said, a MOVIE about a “rich family” in a make believe expensive suburban subdivision has JUST the kind of reach for the insert shots of Nokia phones and Under Armour shirts to be incredibly effective. So subversive! Fuck you! Yuck. And I love how this is going to be a love story? Because if there is one thing I am just dying to know, it is whether or not two skeezy fucking liars are ever going to do it.

I am downgrading this from a DO NOT BUY to a SELL!