The Videogum “Tracy Morgan Promise”: Tracy On Letterman

It’s nice to get back to the roots of things. The past few installments of the Videogum “Tracy Morgan Promise” have involved tell-all memoirs and tearful interviews on NPR. Both of those things are well and good, and they demonstrate the breadth and depth of Tracy Morgan, helping to bolster our original resolve in making a promise to relentlessly follow his career and public appearances. But it’s nice to get back to what brought us here in the first place, which is unhinged Bonkers Town TV interviews when Tracy is clearly in the T-Zone, just barely holding it together–barely even speaking English. That is the old magic. And that is what happened last night when Tracy appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman to promote the Kevin Smith movie Fat Seats Cop Out. Luckily, he only spends about 0 seconds talking about the movie, and spends the rest of the time talking about Valentine’s Day, the Olympics, and being raised by Lee Remick.


Tracy Morgan is a lunatic. PROMISE KEPT!