The Reset Button

You guys, we have a lot of fun at Videogum. (Right? RIGHT!) Mostly, the fun is relatively benign and/or silly. But sometimes that fun comes at the expense of other people. Now, those people are almost exclusively multi-millionaire living nightmares who’ve completely lost touch with the human experience and abandoned any attempt to keep perspective on their ballooning egos and senses of entitlement. But they are still human beings, no matter how hard they try to make us forget that. Sometimes the fun we have comes at the expense of “civilians” who have made the modern but fateful mistake to post a video of themselves on YouTube doing something they should not have posted a video of themselves on YouTube doing. With these people, one likes to imagine that they are simply cyphers for our collective anxieties about the ever-deteriorating state of privacy in the information age, and that if we make fun of a man dancing to jungle music in a Sailor Moon diaper, it is not so much the man himself as what he represents. And yet we must also be aware of the fact that he is a human being, and even if he is opening himself up to these kinds of jokes, perhaps he did not realize what the result of his attempts at self-expression would be, and how the anonymous reaction of Internet strangers would make him feel. We should all be so lucky as to find something that makes us happy in this world, but of course the truly lucky will never hear what other people think about their discovery.

My point is that we ARE having fun, and jokes are jokes, and it’s always important to remember that there are literally one million more important things happening in the world than almost anything we talk about here ever, and these guys DEFINITELY know what I’m talking about. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t occasionally worthwhile to take a moment and remind ourselves of all of that.

So, please allow me to introduce the Videogum Reset Button.

It’s just a symbolic moment of reflection when things are getting a little bit nasty. Personally, I think that Videogum is one of the safest places on the whole Internet, and we do our best to be on the morally “correct” side of things. But sometimes we miss that mark. Or, even more often, sometimes explaining what the morally “correct” side of things is would really kill a fucking joke no duh. I mean, sheesh. I could get into examples, but what is the point? Does me explaining that Kevin Smith and Kirstie Alley are big fat rich slobs whose so-called “struggles” with their weight are an actual insult to the millions of people who cannot afford to eat healthily or hire a team of personal trainers for at-home visits make the jokes any funnier? Does me pointing out that obesity is a major health crisis in America and that public figures who act proud and self-righteous about their “right” to be unhealthily overweight are not so much populist champions of the heavyset underdog as they are over-fed, counter-productive, self-indulgent jerks make anyone feel better? Nope. The jokes are just as dumb no matter what!

Similarly, no one is more aware of Videogum’s just general over-all skewing towards the negative than I am. We dump on a lot of stuff around here. I’d say the ratio of dumping on things that we hate to championing things that we love is, like, 80/20 (at best). The truth is that it’s just funnier to complain, and I luv 2 laff. But it can get exhausting, I know. You don’t think I’m tired? You don’t think I want to lay down on the floor right now and go to sleep? I might, when I finish this post.

The Reset Button is an occasional attempt to flush the system. It is our equivalent of the “Unicorn Chaser,” although way more pretentious and full of fake importance. Because I am just so sure that a pop culture blog is the place where America needs to find its moral balance. Also, admittedly, this is pretty lazy. I mean, it’s basically a token gesture to the fact that sometimes feelings get hurt or people misunderstand. It doesn’t actually mean that we’re going to be any nicer to the criminals of the entertainment world or stop taking so many dumps on everything constantly. Whatever, though. There’s nothing else going on today anyway. Let’s paint, exercise, and regroup, you guys. Let’s remember why we’re all here in the first place.