Who Else Should Be A Guest Judge On The Marriage Ref?

Have you guys seen the promos for The Marriage Ref? Woof. That show looks like a parody of a show that you would see in the opening scene of a Sandra Bullock movie, right before she had to rebuild her life using pluck and a little bit of vinegar. Anyway, now it has been announced that a special someone who knows a lot about being super good at marriage is going to be a guest “ref.” From the AP:

Madonna, who’s been divorced twice, is going to be on “The Marriage Ref.”

Madonna’s spokeswoman Liz Rosenberg confirmed Saturday that Madonna would make an appearance on the upcoming reality show, where celebrities and a referee try to help couples in conflict. The episode has not yet been taped and Rosenberg did not have further details.

Madonna has been married twice, once to Sean Penn and most recently to Guy Ritchie.

Perfect. If there is one person who is going to have insightful and valuable advice to give to struggling married couples, it is a megalomaniacal international superstar with a history of divorce. And, of course, Madonna is known for her sparkling wit and easy going sense of humor. She just seems FUN! Ooh, you know who else they should get? Charlie Sheen! “Help us solve our marriage, Charlie Sheen!” “Well, first of all, Dave, you should definitely apologize for calling your wife the n-word.” “I’m sorry, Charlie Sheen, what was that?” Oh, and you know who else would make a thoughtful and interesting contribution to the show? Robert Blake! Or how about Angelina Jolie? She seems like a woman who honors and respects the commitment of marriage.

What a good show this will be!