Hey, What’s Up With Topher Grace?

[In this feature, we periodically check in to see what is up with Topher Grace.]

For people who are in New York and the surrounding area right now, it is hard to think about anything other than this snow! There is so much of it, and it continues to fall! It is interesting (it is not that interesting) how a dramatic change in the weather can so preoccupy one’s attention, like a sudden change in health, or 9/11. How am I supposed to get any work/thinking/Valentine’s Day cards done when there is all this cancer/terrorism/snow going on?! Of course, many of you don’t live in New York or the surrounding area, but hopefully you have a vibrant imagination and the word picture that I am painting for you is vivid and captivating. In your mind’s eye, picture a bunch of snow. NOW DOUBLE IT. See?

Of course, now matter how distracted we get by the day’s news and/or illnesses, the world continues to turn on its axis. And as time marches onward, so do we. And so does Topher Grace. Let’s see what is up with him, shall we?

Let’s not beat around the bush, let’s just get straight to the good stuff: our boy was on Lopez Tonight last night! Running with the big dogs!

I bet that Topher is tired of answering questions about That ’70s Show and would like to move forward in his career, but he knows that it’s just part of the game, and he’s ready to play. Besides, lots of television stars find themselves struggling to break out of their former roles, and I bet Topher recognizes that it’s just the price you pay for playing such a memorable character, and that he wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world, probably. Besides, did you hear how loudly everyone cheered when he mentioned Ashton? It must be nice to be friends with someone people love so much.

In any case, good questions George Lopez! You are a good interviewer!

Of course, the other big news is that Valentine’s Day comes out THIS FRIDAY! Check out this picture of Dr. Grace at the premiere:

Looking really good! That picture was posted by a girl named Bong? Who has a blog called Bong’s Blog? I don’t know, this is not a column about what is up with people’s names. The important thing is that we thank Bong for posting that picture, but are not as thrilled with what she had to say about it:

I used to think Topher Grace was cute…but I’m totes NOT into this spiky hair thing he’s got going on at the premiere of VALENTINE’S DAY.. are you?

You know, there are a lot of perks to being a celebrity, but I bet that it is hard to have your every haircut open to public scrutiny like this. I bet that Bong has had a haircut that someone else who had a blog might not have always had the nicest things to say about. Just remember that we are all human beings, OK?

Meanwhile, check out these two cool promotional videos for the upcoming romantic comedy, Valentine’s Day! The first is an interview with Topher Grace and his on-screen love interest, Academy Award winner Anne Hathaway, put together by the people at Inside Reel:Oh man, the chemistry that they share is electric. GOOSEBUMPS! And here is the Tophanator flying solo on Access Hollywood:

Here’s another fun quote from Topher about working with Anne Hathaway from a red carpet interview:

Well you know, Annie [Hathaway] and I made a firm commitment at the very beginning that we wanted to win. We wanted to be the best couple. We see acting as being competitive.

They made a firm commitment at the very beginning that they wanted to win…at acting? And be the best make-believe couple out of the hundred make-believe couples in this movie? Acting is competitive in that everyone agrees on who the winner and who the loser is in an ensemble romantic comedy? I just want to make sure that I understand exactly what Topher is saying, because I love to learn about an artist’s craft!

Well, whatever he is saying (I will puzzle it out some more later, maybe with some scrap paper), it must have worked. Just look at this review from Digital Spy:

Anne Hathaway and Topher Grace make one of the more engaging couples (Liz and Jason), who after spending a wild night together, struggle to put their relationship onto a firmer footing. The situation is made a tad more complicated by Liz’s secret double-life as a phone sex operator, and though this isn’t the most daring or original twist, their rapport compensates for that. Their vague awkwardness together is cleverly juiced over dinner in a restaurant where they’re literally rubbing shoulders.

Chewing the scenery! That is a thing that people say!

Meanwhile, following up on last week’s column in which we reported on a video that Topher made with his good friend Ashton Kutcher where they asked fans to submit YouTubes describing their best and worst Valentine’s Day gifts (or their Top 10 fave eps of That ’70s Show, which Topher suggested kind of as a goof, it was hilarious), our very own incredimarc heard the call and uploaded this video:

Lots of Love 4 real.

And while this is not really Topher News per se, reader Andrew points out that a girl he went to high school with is attracted to Topher Grace, which he knows because she posted as much on social networking website

In some ways I feel that this news is more relevant to a weekly Hey, What’s Up With Samantha Thein column, but it is nice to see that Toph’s still got it! (OF COURSE HE’S STILL GOT IT!)

And, as always, now and forever, That ’70s Show remains popular in syndication.

There you go. That is what is up with Topher Grace. Send your Topher tips to [email protected]. See you next time!