Why Can’t You Just Let Ginger Kid Be Great, Asks Ginger Kid

Man, I am almost as frustrated as CopperCab that people will not let him get his word out there, because I am so curious what his word is! Here we are, four videos deep, and I keep hearing about this important message of hope and change that he is trying to get across, but then he keeps getting distracted by addressing the haters and never actually says what he wants. I think the problem is just youth. If he were a little bit older, he could attend law school, or at least have a basic grasp of the law, enough to know that everyone does indeed have a right to post videos whenever they want to the point where he can stop arguing about that because it’s a firmly established understanding that we as a community share. Unless I am just missing something, and the people telling him to stop making videos are incredibly compelling rhetoricians cleverly manipulating case history to make it seem as if he does not have the right to make videos, in which case I suppose a certain amount of defense (just in case a judge is watching these) is in order.

But as someone who is clearly on Team CopperCab, I would highly recommend that he move away from the consistent use of vague and racist commentary to support his efforts to make a difference. I’m just not sure that complaining about how blacks and Mexicans get to call themselves whatever they want (whatever THAT even MEANS) is the winning strategy. Unless the word that he is trying so hard to get out there without ever getting any of it out there whatsoever is “Gingers can be racist, too.” Sustained. (Thanks for the tip, werttrew.)