The Best Super Bowl Ad That Didn’t Actually Air During The Super Bowl

The ads were kind of weird during the Super Bowl this year, no? Like, for one thing, relax MEN. I’m almost positive that this is America and you can still drive whatever car you want to without making some kind of panicked, misogynistic defense of your encroached-upon, emasculated lifestyle. And also relax Dove soap. Oh, and did anyone else notice how the ads were grouped thematically this year? Like, all of the ads featuring unlikely people getting tackled were shown together, and all the ads featuring men wearing just their underpants were grouped together, and cetra. Just odd is all I am saying.

Speaking of odd, I was more interested in watching Puppy Bowl VI yesterday no duh, since that is where the real action was. (While I’m willing to accept that Jake won Most Valuable Puppy after showing a lot of heart out on the field, clearly Camomile should have at least won some kind of recognition of her INSANELY BEAUTIFUL EYES. Those eyes really gave it their all.) And they showed an ad during the Puppy Bowl that was actually the best ad of the night. It was better than all of the Super Bowl ads.

A rare miss, Super Bowl. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go check out these Subaru things. They look cute! Two please, waiter!