Jon Stewart And Bill O’Reilly Are Both Adults

Last night, Jon Stewart appeared on The O’Reilly Factor with Bill O’Reilly for the second time. His last appearance, in 2004, was a pretty gentle back-and-forth bantering between two adult professional entertainers/pundits/broadcasters. But in the interim between the two episodes, Jon Stewart became a much larger pop culture icon, he took down CNN’s Crossfire, and he was seen as the arbiter of left-leaning truth for American men age 18-35, or whatever. (Of course, O’Reilly has been on the Daily Show a few times, but somehow this is so different. [?].) So there was much anticipation leading into last night’s face-off (not to be confused with Face/Off, which is a medial procedure). Would the sparks fly?! Would Jon Stewart detonate a FACTS bomb and destroy FOX News from the inside? Would Bill O’Reilly actually unveil a scimitar encased below his desk and behead Jon Stewart in front of the world? Would the difference between right and wrong finally be permanently delineated and immutable forever?

None of that. It turns out that both Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly remain professional, adult entertainers/pundits/broadcasters who are capable of talking to each other on television in mostly reasonable tones. But if you are still curious, you can see two adults being super adults after the jump:

Yeah, this seems about right. Isn’t it crazy how two famous rich people can even be in the room together?! N/N?