Someone Please Give Die Antwoord Whatever They Want

After the jump, I’ve posted two music videos from Afrikaner hip hop trio Die Antwoord. To give you a sense of what you are about to see, it’s basically like if the aliens from District 9 learned how to make “next level beats,” took on human form, started a band, and then moved to Xenia, Ohio, to open up a Gummo/Dubstep Museum. What I’m saying is that what you are about to see is very special!

They also have quite a homepage.

So would someone please give these guys whatever they want? Sky is the limit. Do they want a record deal? They should have one! Do these guys want their own television network? Yes, sure, how about TWO television networks! Do they need a new trailer for their meth lab? Next level meth! Cook it up!

Who do we talk to about making sure their requests are answered? This guy?

“Make it work, genies.”
–Timur Gunn

Thanks for the tip, Robin.