R.I.P. Triumph The Insult Comic Dog (As We Know Him)

NBC made an official announcement this morning that the contract negotiations with Conan O’Brien are complete, he will be leaving the Tonight Show at the end of the week, and that show will go back to Jay Leno on March 1st. O’Brien gets 33 million dollars of a 45 million dollar settlement, the rest paying for his staff’s severance. The good news is that Conan will be free to work for another network as early as September of this year. The (other) bad news is that the characters that he spent 16 years creating at Late Night will remain the “intellectual property” of NBC (aka Nthe Bone Cyard) and Conan won’t be allowed to take them with him. OR WILL HE? From ABC:

History may be on O’Brien’s side. NBC threatened legal action against David Letterman after the late-night TV veteran moved to CBS in 1993 and began using characters and sketches from his old NBC show. Letterman eventually dropped some of his staples and changed the names of others, according to the Hollywood Reporter, but his classic “Top 10 List” survived.

“It was a wash,” New Yorker media critic Ken Auletta told “At some point, you make a decision [and say], ‘I’ve got to cut my losses here and make this go away,’ and that’s what happened to Letterman. NBC finally said, ‘Make this go away … it doesn’t help us.'”

Oh, OK. Let’s just do that then! Let’s rename Conan’s characters for his new show! R.I.P.ESE NUTS! I will leave it up to you guys, because if I do it everything will just be Briumph the Binsult Bomic Bog, and Bimpbot B000, and the Basturbating Bbear. Lazy.