Best New Party Game 14

Ah, this BNPG is going to be a challenge! But I think we can do it. The game is like Othello: minutes to learn, a lifetime to master. (P.S. if you actually spend your lifetime trying to master this, you lose.) Basically, come up with your own prank letter to this Christian call-in show. I’ll go first:

I was recently bitten by a radioactive spider. Now my body is going through a lot of changes. I’ve become very successful at work, and I’ve started wrestling for money in my spare time. But my uncle, Ben, was murdered. Now I am just so angry at the man who did this to him, but mostly I am just angry with myself. I know that with great power–oh, by the way, I have great power–comes great responsibility, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to accept that responsibility yet. Also, I’ve been fighting with my best friend’s dad a lot. He helped me rent an apartment, but now I think he wants to kill me. Please help!

Usually, I kill it on the Best New Party Games, much to everyone else’s shame and embarrassment I’m sure (who invited him?), but this time I am 100 percent positive that you can do better. GAME ON! (Video via @vultureblog.)