That’s Your Boyfriend: Tattoo Glasses Guy

One of the neatest things about your boyfriend is how he is so full of ideas. Like one time he made you a birthday card covered in razor blades, and you had to go to the hospital, but no one had ever given you a birthday card covered in razor blades before, and you’ll never forget the birthday card you got one time that was covered in razor blades. Or, like, you know how sometimes you’ll be in a group of people trying to figure out where to go for dinner and no one can make a decision? Your boyfriend will just be like, “We’re going dumpster diving behind the Pizza Hut, case closed.” Everyone loves him. Except employers. Your boyfriend has been having a really hard time getting a job lately. You’re not sure why. He’s qualified! As far as you can tell, there is absolutely nothing about your boyfriend, whom you love, and with whom you hope to spend the rest of your life, having ADVENTURES, that should keep him from getting a job. Who does Kinko’s think they are anyway?

He’s got a giant “Marry Me!” tattoo on his lower back, and even though he got it as an April Fool’s prank on his ex-girlfriend, you can’t help eyeing that thing sometimes and just saying “I wish.” (Via everywhere.)