Lil Wayne’s Last Days

I’m worried about Weezy, you guys. Have you seen The Carter yet? If you haven’t seen The Carter yet, you should see The Carter. It is a really great documentary. But it is also a really :( documentary. Like, dude is going to die. I hope that he doesn’t! But this is not about what I want, it never was. There’s a part in The Carter near the end where (SPOILER ALERT) after an hour of watching Wayne drink prescription grade codeine mixed with Jones Soda (dude’s a millionaire) where he says that he never tried heroin because his body is too small. Uh. If there are two things that Lil Wayne clearly understand they are biochemistry and his own limits. Anyway, my main concern for him right now is just that he survives through September. Because this is a very dangerous year for him. The door to the 27 Club is wide open for the next 8 months. He is definitely on the guest list.

Speaking of the 27 Club, the opening scene in Wane’s new video for “On Fire” is basically a scene from Gus Van Sant’s Last Days, right?

Right. Please stop drinking codeine so that you don’t die, Lil Wayne! Or at the very least, please stop drinking codeine so that you don’t think rap-rock records are a good idea!