A Tommy Wiseau Puppet Answers Questions About The Room, FINALLY!

One of the downsides of being a pop-culture blogger, besides being called a pop-culture blogger, and pajama rash, is that your responses become hair-trigger. You need to come up with so many opinions on the events and trampoline accidents of the world every single day that you begin to become reactionary and sometimes short-sighted. It just happens! We must accept this and move forward. There is no use crying over milk that has become reactionary and sometimes short-sighted. The milk is doing the best it can! Take for instance this video in which a fan has made a Tommy Wiseau puppet and does a passable impersonation of Tommy Wiseau answering fan emails about The Room. My immediate reaction was that the Tommy Wiseau impersonation wasn’t good enough, and that the puppet’s room was very messy, and that I don’t find it very believable that the first email Tommy (the PUPPET) responds to is from Eli Roth. It took me a full 30 seconds to be like, whoa, slow down, sir, you are focusing on the wrong things when you should be focusing on the right thing: the fact that THERE IS A TOMMY WISEAU PUPPET and he is READING HIS EMAILS.

I think we could probably all use a little reminder now and again to keep things in perspective! (Thanks for the tip, Jawbone, Camille, and Carrie.)