One Michael Cera To Rule Them All

Michael Cera in a music video for the Islands directed by TV Carnage? Sounds like someone is getting all his ducks in a row before officially announcing his run for King of Bushwick!

I predict that in the future, when the lines between public and private life have blurred completely, and the national obsession with celebrity culture has become so overwhelming that it’s simply a natural immutable fact of being an engaged member of human society, that the presidential race will come down to three candidates: Michael Cera*, Fred, and Justin Bieber. It will come down to factional differences in political pop-culture belief systems, namely the perennial political argument of who you want for a president: someone who wears hoodies, someone who wears t-shirts with his name on them, or someone who wears pointy toed leather boots and button-downs with dragons silk-screened across the back with microphones in their talons?

I just hope that Michael Cera’s campaign provides voters with an obvious enough choice after eight miserable years of President Dane Cook. Pizza is on the way! Yes we Carles! The MP3 of “No You Don’t” is available at

*I know that Michael Cera is Canadian, but by this point it won’t matter because President Schwarzenegger will have long ago convinced the Pepsi Congress to change the citizenship requirement laws.