Holiday Movie Watching Open Thread

The holidays are a great time to watch movies (GOOD BLOGGING). For one thing, movies offer a break from spending time with your loved ones (enough already, loved ones, we get it! You love us!). For another thing, they are very rarely shown outdoors in the winter, and so they also offer a break from the crippling cold. I watched a bunch of movies over the break for both of these reasons. And also for the reason that I love watching movies! I only saw one movie in the theater, actually. That movie was called Sherlock Holmes, and it was great. Like, it was a little corny, and I am pretty sure I did all the green screen CGI backgrounds myself on my Nintendo DS Lite, but it was exactly what you wanted it to be. It was a romp! (P.S. I say romp now. I’m a person who will talk about a movie and say that it was a romp and mean it.) Also Robert Downey Jr.? More like Robert CHARMING Jr., right you guys?! But I also watched lots of movies on DVD (that’s right, I own a DVD player).

Here are the movies I watched, with a one word review of each:

  • Being There Good
  • For a Few Dollars More Great
  • The Hurt Locker Great
  • Vicky Christina Barcelona Bad
  • Primer Good
  • Harry Potter And the Half-Blood Prince Bad
  • Tyson Good
  • The Carter Great

Pretty cool. Anyway, I just wanted to make this a safe place for you guys to share what movies you saw over the break, new and old, and your thoughts about them. Remember, no one can hurt you in here. I don’t think. That may or may not be true. It might be entirely possible for someone to hurt you in here. BE CAREFUL!