Saturday Night Live: James Franco Is A Spitter

I suppose it is to James Franco’s credit that he was so unlikeable in this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live. All in all, it was a pretty decent episode, and he was pretty decent in the episode, but at the expense of his own charm. Like, there was just something rough and sneering about him. He seemed mean! You know that thing where people think that if they met a celebrity, they’d get along with the celebrity really well and probably become BFFs forever? Well, watching James Franco on Saturday Night Live, I had the opposite reaction. Like, oh, I bet me and James Franco would not get along at all and we would be Best Enemies. Because he seemed like such a jerk. Easily one of the top three YELLIEST hosts of the season. So much yelling. And spitting. There were at least two sketches in which massive amounts of spit loosed itself from his Why So Serious mouth and sprayed America’s eyes.



It happened again a few minutes later in the Christmas Tree sketch. Someone get some wadded up paper towel to shove in this man’s cheeks! That being said, the spitting sketch in question was one of my favorite sketches of the night. So.

Simple premise executed well. It is like a Nigella Lawson recipe, this sketch. Although the Twitter Award for Most Twittered Sketch probably goes to this one.

Get it? Men kissing. In general, there was a lot of man-on-man action both actual (James Franco getting a blowjob from Liberace) and theoretical (the dildo sketch at the end?), and just subverted sexuality in general (again, the aforementioned Christmas Tree sketch). I am not criticizing, I am just saying. #trends

This was great:

The show also featured two old standbys, both of which are pretty good. This old fan favorite:

Which I would have found a lot funnier if that reindeer at the end didn’t look like a SADDEER. Also, the recurring Lawrence Welk Show parody, which honestly makes me laugh so much every time. Tiny hands!

Anyway, it was a good episode, even if James Franco was a slimy-mouthed meatball. I guess I will continue to not hang out with him and not know him as a person whatsoever.

Oh, and here’s a Muse song if that is what you’re into:

Is that what you’re into? I don’t care. Be into whatever you want! No problem!