We Should All Be So Lucky As To Find Something In This World That Makes Us Happy, Part 6

While personally I enjoy the holiday season, I recognize that some people have a harder time with it. For one thing, it is so cold in the D! (Literally, not metaphorically, although I guess it is always so cold in the D metaphorically.) And for those who are without family during the holidays, or who dislike their family, it can be a lonely, stressful, depressing burden. There is no more painful reminder to the unhappy of their personal misery than the constant and public display of everyone else’s happiness. But it is up to all of us to find our way through! Whether you love or hate the holiday season, your personal fulfillment still comes from within. (Barf! Who writes this site? Deebop Chopro?) And so, if you taken no pleasure in the festive music and the colorful decorations and the promise of gifts and the company of loved ones, find something that DOES give you pleasure.

For example, smearing chocolate all over a Miley Cyrus towel and then making out with that chocolate-smeared towel while Sinead O’Connor’s “Nothing Compares (2 U)” plays in the background. (Just for an example!)

It seems all too possible that this is more of a performance art piece than an actual video about someone finding their bliss. I mean, the video is called “Sweet Treatz,” and the description on YouTube says “passioned play w/towel icon at nite in ;private boudoir paradise w/princess treatz.” But I like to imagine that this guy isn’t some unemployed Bushwick resident who stayed in with his FLiP cam one night because his fixed gear bicycle needed new pink tires. I like to think that he’s just some guy living his life, and he does not care what anybody thinks. Not even the warden at jail! (Via Buzzfeed.)