That’s Your Videogame: Yoostar

Hahahaha! What a piece of garbage! I don’t think this “game” (fun game, guys!) is even out yet, and people are already making room in their Crap We Never Use Storage Space. (Although I’m putting an unopened, mint condition copy directly into my LOLk deposit box.) “Finally! Now you can impress your friends by being one of TWO DIFFERENT characters in ONE ICONIC SCENE from a movie that came out 17,000 YEARS AGO!” Super fun, I’m sure. You know how kids these days are just constantly reciting their favorite lines from Beverly Hills Cop and you’re like “Enough with the Beverly Hills Cop already!” and they’re like “I just wish there was a way that I could MacPaint myself into a scene from Beverly Hills Cop and put that awful thing on Friendster.” Oh, kids these days. Speaking of kids: I can seriously already hear our future spacegrandkids making so much fun of us for this. “You had a what, grandpa? It did what? Uh oh, grandpa, sounds like you forgot to download your medicine again. Mom, I think grandpa needs to be taken to the hover hospital again!” They are going to feel the same way seeing this that I feel when I see this. “The world used to be so stupid, I am actually kind of glad that it’s covered in water. Who wants a cool refreshing glass of potable re-filtered sun urine?”