Iron Man 2 Trailer. The End.

Iron Man 2 trailer, you guys:

I am glad that they replaced Terrence Howard with Don Cheadle. You can just tell from this trailer what an important change that was. Slow down, Don Cheadle! Save something for the movie! People are going to be so disappointed when they get to the theater and they’re like “Oh man, the trailer already gave away all the good Don Cheadle parts.” I’m focusing on the Don Cheadle angle because I don’t know what else to say. It’s Iron Man 2, guys. It’s going to be great. Please do be careful with those magic whips though, Mickey Rourke, you look like you are going to hurt yourself. And I know that you are excited to be working again, we are all excited for you to be working again, but do you have to express that excitement by smiling in every shot? You do? Fair enough! Besides, it is not like you are completely in control of your face. You had control over your own face surgically removed (enhanced?) years ago. Also: Scarlett Johansson? The end.

Watch the trailer in HD here.