Snooki And The Situation Were On The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien For Some Reason

OK, so this is really happening. The cast of Jersey Shore are being treated like actual human beings with something to offer. Kind of. And fair enough! Personally, I think that we are losing the thread a little bit here. All of the joy that the cast of Jersey Shore offer comes from their oblivious, unselfconscious willingness to have themselves taped while interacting with each other in their “natural” habitat (namely a run down club off the boardwalk, usually called either Connextions or Paulie’s). There is a certain innocence and honesty to their running-at-the-mouth on the show, and their crushing frustration with being forced to work at a t-shirt store (“A t-shirt store?!! Fuhgettaboutatshirtstore!”). As you will see in this interview, now that they fancy themselves (and let’s be honest, “to fancy” is probably one of their favorite verbs, if they know what verbs are) celebrities, it’s all too pat. They become caricatures of themselves, and they were already caricatures. That being said, it’s still a pretty entertaining interview. It’s like watching Conan talk to enthusiastic child clowns working their way through cosmetology school.

Part one:

Part two:

Congratulations to Aaron for having his Jersey Shore Nickname Generator mentioned on the Tonight Show! Kahdooz, indeed. And good luck to Soccer on her dream of getting her own reality show. Of COURSE that is her dream. Snacks of Love? What a great name for a show. The best part about it is how it could be on literally any network, I’m sure.