A Very Special Christmas Thursday Night TV Open Thread

Night of a thousand Santas! That was exhausting! Each Christmas special was pretty funny on its own, but taken all together is too much! I need a Christmas special just to recover from all these Christmas specials! But, you know what they say, take it one Christmas special at a time. Let go and let Christmas special. Julianne Moore was funny on 30 Rock as a doohly appointed Federal ex-high school crush of Jack Donaghy. And The Office had some laughs but, no offense (none taken!), last year’s The Office Christmas special did it better. And I still think that probably the single funniest thing happening on Thursday nights these days is Chris Pratt as Andy on Parks and Recreation. It would be campy and silly to say something like, Where has he been all my life, but WHERE HAS HE BEEN ALL MY LIFE? No homo, but I am in love with him. Speaking of Christmas specials, you can now watch A Charlie Brown Christmas for free on Hulu. So there is also that.