Rachel Maddow Takes A Mr. Show Sketch To The Next/:( Level

This is an incredible, almost perfect news story. It really has it all. It has laughter AND tears. And also barf. Richard Cohen is clearly your boyfriend. Your straight, totally normal boyfriend. You can tell he is straight from the face he is making in that photo at 0:30. That is where the slang-term “straightface” comes from. Anyway, obviously the part where he does hug therapy on a couch and then also beats a pillow with a tennis racket while screaming about his mom is MUST SEE TV. Nah-doy. And his magnet demonstration is very convincing. He’s like a regular Bill Nye the Science Guy (another paragon of heterosexuality). And for the most part this whole mildly-hilarious segment reminds me of this classic Mr. Show sketch:


But I guess if I had to pinpoint exactly what separates the real news segment from the fake news segment is the part where Richard Cohen’s self-delusions are being USED AS PHILOSOPHICAL JUSTIFICATION FOR INSTITUTIONALIZED HATE CRIMES IN UGANDA. That would be the one way where things really start to get “real.”

I cannot wait for Maddow’s interview with him tonight! I’m sure he is going to have a totally reasonable and convincing explanation for why his inability to come to grips with his sexuality is an acceptable argument for formally legislated hate crimes. No judge in the world who wasn’t also deeply uncomfortable with himself to the point of dangerous psychological disconnect would convict him. (Thanks for the tip, Gabe.)