Bloopers Never Die

In late 2009, as we stand at the pinnacle of human achievement, bathing in the warm glow of understanding that things have never been this good and couldn’t possibly get better now that we have invented everything and the world is a perfect place, it can be hard to remember the importance of the old standbys. It all gets drowned out in our up-to-the-minute obsessions with streaming episodes of Becker, and life-saving faceplant surgery. But some things just cannot be improved upon. You might be able to build a smaller, more brushed-steel Zune, but you will never replace the blooper. All you need is a person falling down, and possibly an uttered curse, and now you are cooking with bloopers. Good luck trying to top that, Stan Jobes.

After the jump, a brave new round of modern bloopers from Tennessee fisherman Bill Dance that reminds us that the more things change, the more things stay the same.

The future is now. Standing on the shoulders of giants. Etc. (Thanks for the tip, Dave and Kiri.)