This Is Your Movie Trailer: The 40 Year Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It

If you didn’t want your movie trailer to be mildly-NSFW, then you wouldn’t have made your movie trailer mildly-NSFW. Blame yourself!

This is your movie. You wrote this movie. You star in this movie. You directed this movie. The movie is based on you. You recorded the audio commentary for the Special Features of this movie. You give a DVD of this movie to your friends and family at birthdays and holidays. The soundtrack to this movie is the only thing on your Zune.

YA BURNT, JUDD APATOW! Just kidding. Ya are not burnt. What is this? This is real, incidentally. But the fact that it is real does not answer the question of what it is. “We’re going to make a miserable, unwatchable parody of popular comedies as a reminder of why those comedies were maybe even more impressive than you originally thought when you saw them now that you understand just how bad comedies can be, namely this bad, and also to show the world that we are awful”? Success! Life is all about setting achievable goals. Gold star sticker, boys. Flying colors, etc. (Thanks for the tip, Samir, aka Bonah Jill.)