The Babies Trailer Is Funnier If You Pretend It’s A Prequel

Babies trailer, you guys:

Yikes. Even my womb aches after watching this. I WANT TO HAVE A BABBBYYYYYYYY. You know that Anne Geddes saw this and was like “needs more pumpkin costumes!” So just to clarify, this is a remake of Babel, but with babies? “Does anyone know where there is a baby telephone? We need to get to a baby hospital! My baby has been shot in the neck!”

Seriously, though, this trailer is as earnest as it is cute, but it becomes a lot funnier if you think of it as a prequel. To anything. You can literally imagine this as the prequel to any other movie. Personally, I like to pretend that it is either a prequel to Hoop Dreams, or a prequel to The Event Horizon. But that’s just me. And obviously, whichever movie you pretend this is a prequel to, as a goof-em-up, is a personal choice.