Charlie Sheen Wants To Give You $$$ To Pretend He Is Normal

Do you guys remember Charlie Sheen’s bonkers 9/11 fan fiction? Of course you do. Because you printed it out and bound it in leather, and embossed the cover with gold-leaf lettering that reads “Most Important Fiction.” That shit was insane, though. Everyone knows that. Doctors were like “Let me give you my diagnosis for free just this once, because I would feel bad taking your money to tell you the obvious: he is a crazy person.” Well now he wants you to pretend like he’s not a crazy person for the chance to win $14,000 (basically the most money ever, probably) by making a video in which you DRAMATIZE the fan fiction’s purported conversation between CHARLIE SHEEN and BARACK OBAMA on the subject of the government’s (conspiracy-theorist-endorsed) failure in investigating the true causes behind 9/11! One lucky winner will get $14,000 and the pride of knowing they at least tried to legitimize Charlie Sheen’s apparent mental illness!

This is a real thing that is happening! And people be submittin’! Here are a couple of my favorites (SO FAR! I don’t want to count out any late entries):

I love how seriously that last one takes itself. Like, that guy is for real doing an Obama impersonation? To the point where he was probably selected through an actual casting process? Good work, everyone. You’re all winners in my book. The book, incidentally, is called CRAZY PEOPLE: AN ALPHABETICAL LIST. Thanks for the tip, Julian.)