The 2009 CMA’s Surprisingly Devoid Of Kanye Jokes (Not!)

You know how the Country Music Awards are. They’re basically an artist, and a perfectionist. Never satisfied, always pushing towards a new paradigm. “Let’s turn this whole thing on its head,” you can often hear the Country Music Awards saying. Just kidding. This year’s Country Music Awards was, wait for it, wall-to-wall Kanye jokes. So that’s still a thing that’s going on. Perfect. According to People magazine (because I obviously did not actually watch the CMAs, I live in New York City!) there were multiple instances, although this one is my favorite (my least favorite):

Obviously, Little Jimmy Dickens, as an 88-year-old member of the Grand Ol Opry, gets to do whatever he wants at this point. Those are the rules! Anyone over 75 gets a free pass in my book. Oh, you want to say mildly racist things about the waiter at this restaurant? Fair enough. You have paid your dues. Oh, you want to give someone the gas face for showing their ankles in public? You’ve earned it. I’m a total stickler for letting the aged live the remainder of their lives however they see fit. So if Little Jimmy Dickens wants to live the remainder of his life making botched, worn out jokes about things he barely even understands, I’m not going to get in his way. YOU GO, LITTLE JIMMY DICKENS!

What a good awards show! It just looks fun.