Best New Party Game 12

Today’s Best New Party Game is inspired by the Clash of the Titans teaser trailer, which reader Samir points out has a very clever tag-line!

Really? REALLY? The tag-line for Clash of the Titans is “Titans Will Clash!”?!

A++, Hollywood. Extra credit! “Show your work!”

When I was in junior high school, in the mid-1920s, my “language arts” teacher told us to make “reading” posters that promoted reading, which would then hang in the hallway. Everyone worked all week on these things, and on Friday we had to present them to the rest of the class. Good assignment! One kid, named Edward, who looked like a scarecrow and whose dad legendarily asked the teacher if he could read computer programming manuals for his book reviews, walked up to the front of the class with a folded piece of red construction paper, which he dramatically unfolded, and in giant, thin letters, written in pencil, the paper just said “READ.” That is what this tag-line reminds me of, except that Edward’s poster was very funny (let’s just say that it was as funny as the teacher was mad) while this tag-line is just very lazy.

Anyway, you know how this goes:

  • Private Ryan Will Be Saved!
  • He Will Report And Also Observe!
  • The Wild Things Are Here!
  • Spinal Tap Is This!

It appears like the student has become the player of this game!