Kick-Ass Looks Kick-Pretty Good!

Kick-Ass teaser trailer, you guys:

Look, nerds, I’m sorry. Everyone pretty much hates you guys. There has certainly been a wave of pro-nerd sentiment over the past few years, but the world stands pretty much unchanged. It’s going to be jocks vs. nerds until the end of time (2012). “But we’ve got Bill Gates, the richest man in the world.” Sure. Is Bill Gates going to charge his foundation with the task of inventing a noogie deflection shield to protect all of you? No. Bill Gates is just one man, and even he is probably still constantly mocked for being such a huge nerd by his wife, and his dogs, and his solid-gold helicopter. The reality is that no matter how much Hollywood’s Jews (nerds) write scripts in which the Seth Cohens and the Dan Humphreys and the Brian Johnsons of the world become the sexually-desirable heroes, back in the real world, people want to shove nerds into lockers. Always. If anything, pro-nerd movies and TV shows are like nerd kryptonite, because it gives the nerds too much confidence and they let their nerd guard down. Keep those nerd hands up! Protect the meat!

Anyway, this movie looks pretty good.