Every Marilyn Manson Hurts

NSFW “Running to the Edge of the World” video, you guys:

Yuck. This video is terrible! It’s like it was created by a focus group tasked with determining what anti-social 15-year-olds from broken homes who like 50-year-old men and nightmares want.

Although, maybe I’m watching it wrong? Like you know how it’s unfair to judge the trailers for James Cameron’s Avatar too harshly after watching them on a Quicktime window on your computer monitor when the film is intended to be watched in anamorphic 3D on IMAX? Maybe we shouldn’t judge this video too harshly until we’ve seen it through the window of our Time Machine on the way back to late 1997, the day before Prodigy’s “Smack My Bitch Up” video first aired, when this might have seemed even slightly shocking and not just the obnoxious work of an aging asshole who’s run out of ideas.