The Weezer Snuggie Would Have Been A Lot Funnier A Year Ago

Weezer have made their own Weezer-brand Snuggie. It is real. You can buy it. They even made a commercial (after the jump), which is very similar to the original Snuggie commercial that became an Internet Sensation a year ago. Fair enough. Weezer gets to do whatever they want, this is America. But this would have been a lot funnier a year ago. I’m happy for anyone making Snuggie jokes at this point, and I’mma let them finish, but making Borat jokes is the best outdated, overused pop culture reference of all time. Get it? You get it. [Borat voice:] Success! Seriously, though, what happened? Did Weezer’s Internet go out for a year and they’re just catching up? “Hold on, guys, I’m going to call Time Warner just as soon as I finish sleeping with these teenage, Japanese groupies.” That is what Rivers Cuomo says.

You know who probably still thinks that Snuggie jokes are funny and topical? Dads. Which I guess makes sense. How old are these guys anyways? I’m in my late-to-very-late ’60s and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen these guys cutting me in line at the Sizzler buffet to take advantage of the Early Bird Special. What a bunch of dads.

“Daaaaad, everyone at school is making fun of me.”
“Why? Kids love the Snugglies. I read about it on my Yahoo! homepage.”

Also, what is THIS about?


It’s like one of the dads in Weezer (although make no mistake, they are all your dads) has been estranged from his son for years, and just found his son’s livejournal and read a three-year-old entry about thinking Chamillionaire is the neatest {mood: confused; music: ridin’ dirty}, and this is his very dad-like attempt to bring the family back together. Mr. Cool Dad!

Like father, stepfather, Weezer is drowing in the daaaaaaaaaaads. OK, that’s enough.