Thursday Night TV Open Thread

Who is in charge of the math over in the TV Scheduling Department? Because this is getting ridiculous. Why is most of the week an empty wasteland with almost no laffs at all, and then Thursday night it’s a chore to get through all the great shows? Hasn’t TV ever heard of pacing itself? C’mon TV! And as if TV hadn’t already overloaded Thursday nights with 18 hours of good shows, now FX is adding The League? Enough! Uncle, or whatever! Why do you hate all the other days of the week so much?

Speaking of The League, it’s pretty good! Obviously, we all have good will towards this show (right? SAY YOU HAVE GOOD WILL TOWARDS THIS SHOW) because it has Nick Kroll and Paul Scheer in it, and we like them (SAY THAT YOU LIKE THEM), even if some of us were a little worried because of how much we don’t care about fantasy football at all, since some of us do not even care about reality football. And there are definitely a lot of fantasy football jokes in this show about which I lack the ability to even form an opinion, but there are lots of other jokes, too, and those jokes were funny. So, you know, that is good.

And then, of course, there is the whole Jeff Dunham was on 30 Rock thing.

It was weird! They were kind of making fun of him? For being awful and appealing to idiots? And he got tackled. But then also kind of making fun of themselves, namely 30 Rock’s off-putting pride in its own cleverness and detachment from what America actually wants. Accurate! Whatever, I’m just glad that this isn’t forever. For a second I really thought Jack was going to hire Jeff Dunham to be the new actor on the show for a few episodes or something. Although I suppose it would have been funny when one of the puppets made one of his racist “jokes” to Tracy Jordan. I am sure that would have gone very well!

Peppy Bismilk.