Who Cares Why Charlize Theron’s Nickname Is “Ass-Nuts”

There is an expression that says “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth,” and what this expression means is that when someone gives you a gift, say they tell you that Charlize Theron’s nickname is “Ass-Nuts,” don’t set fire to the gift to kill any Trojan soldiers that may be hiding inside. (I’m sure I got that right.) Rude! Anyway, Charlize Theron’s nickname is “Ass-Nuts.” Just satisfy yourself with that wonderful gift! From E!:

The Oscar winner revealed at last night’s Hollywood Film Awards that Breakthrough Actor honoree Jeremy Renner bestowed her with the nickname during the making of their 2005 drama, North Country.

Theron and Renner along with the rest of the cast went out for some drinks and…

“I can’t tell you what transpired, but lemme just say I found a friend for life in Jeremy, and he has ever since then referred to me as…Ass-Nuts,” Theron said. “I wish that was a joke, but it’s true!”

What a fun name! Cool friend! We believe you, Charlize Theron, that it’s true and not a joke. And no need to tell us what transpired, Ass-Nuts, we don’t care. We’re just happy to know what to write on your nametag at the pot luck. “Hello, My Name Is Ass-Nuts.” That is what your nametag says, Charlize Ass-Nuts, now put your cassnutserole on the table with the others.