This Is Your Music Video: Bangs’s “Take U To Da Movies”

I’m sure it’s going to turn out that Bangs is one of the Lost Boys of Sudan, who left his native village to wade through hundreds of miles of sun-bloated corpses only to find himself in a cramped and impoverished refugee camp in a country that despised him with little-to-no hope of ever finding his family again, never dreaming that one day he would finally escape the horror of his childhood to stand in front of a green screen and share his “music” with the world. But, you know, Woody Allen married his adoptive daughter, which is gross, and I still think that Annie Hall is a great movie, so, I can laugh at this. The artist’s life is not the same thing as the artist’s work! YOU CRAZY FOR THIS ONE, BANGS. (Thanks for the tip, Aimee.)