The Barack Obama Chia Pet Seems Like A Reasonable Thing To Exist

I’m not sure if this is a new thing or an old thing, but the fact that it even exists in the first place makes it a crazy thing. Barack Obama Chia Pet, you guys:

Perfect. Just an entirely reasonable thing to exist in 2009. Total symbol of prosperity and hope. Display it at your school. Not weird at all.

Normal Human Being 1: What’s that?
Normal Human Being 2: It’s my Obama Chia Pet.
Normal Human Being 1: Where did you get it?
Normal Human Being 2: I ordered it off of the Internet. I was sober, and I spent money that I earned at my job in order to pay for it.
Normal Human Being 1: Sure. That sounds fine.

What? What’s the matter? It’s just a Barack Obama Chia Pet. No big deal. Order one (or 1,000 if you want) here. Or don’t. Because it’s INSANE and WEIRDLY RACIST and also HUH? (Thanks for the tip, Debby and Daniel.)