Uh, Now What?

Wait a second, there was no boy in the balloon? Jesus Christ. He could be anywhere! Sort of. Depending on how you define “be.” This is awful. Now what are we supposed to do? Also the family had been on Wife Swap? Too much. Too much some times, this world. Can we pack it up for the rest of the day? Because it seems like maybe we should just pack it up for the rest of the day. What else are we going to talk about? This leaked Expendables trailer? It looks like Wild Hogs, but with guns. And why do they keep cutting between deep-cover reconnaissance and a fight on a basketball court? Besides, no one wants to think about the leaked Expendables trailer now. Falcon Heene is missing!

OK, admittedly, this blogger’s investigation of what the various locations from Taxi Driver look like today is kind of interesting. But still. Even this cat eating meat in a supermarket deli-counter case (aww, come back later!) can’t distract us from what is happening in the fields of Colorado right now.