How Could A Sniper “Prank” Possibly Go Wrong?

There is a Japanese game show called Panic Face King where the goal is to make someone have the most panicked face possible. And whoever does that is the king. Of that. I guess. Anyway, in a clip that is circulating today, one guy gets a severe case of Panic Face when he believes that the room he is in is under sniper fire, and that everyone that he was just talking to has been shot. This is what the Japanese call a “gotcha moment.”

LOL? I think the funniest Panic Face he made was when he was lying prone under that body that he thought was dead, fearing the next wave of terrifying bullets. Although, they definitely got a couple more GREAT Panic Faces out of this guy when after he crawled to the door in raw fear, his shattered brain working in pure survival mode, they had more people come in with guns drawn, shooting blanks just inches from his face (sorry to interrupt, but that is, it turns out, what she said) and dragging him by the feet across the floor.

“Wakka wakka wakka!”
–Fozzy the Bear

This is basically the Japanese improv Everywhere, and it’s awful. Pranks are the worst. Always. (Via the entire internet.)