Saturday Night Live: Some Pertinent Questions And The Sketch They Don’t Want You To See!

There were definitely a few questions raised by this week’s episode. Like, Regina Spektor? That’s one of the questions. And also, who did Charlene Yi fuck over on the writing staff that they had to throw her under the bus on national television for the benefit of as many as 12 people who actually knew who Charlyne Yi is? Yikes. You have to admit that that was odd! “This week we’re going after Barack Obama and Charlene Yi.” Then there is this question: how is it that the funniest thing on the whole episode was Bill Hader’s James Carville expression on Weekend Update considering the fact that James Carville stopped being a serious political figure in the late 90s, or at the very least in 2004 after John Kerry’s loss to George W. Bush (not to mention Carville’s terrible and poorly received HBO show K Street in 2003, which turned him into even more of a parody of himself) and even in that case it’s been five years, and yet here we are? Huh? But oh man, wasn’t Bill Hader’s James Carville expression on Weekend Update hilarious? Y/Y?

So good! It really speaks to how good Bill Hader is that this was the stand out sketch of the night. He and Will Forte are a real pleasure to watch this season (no improvo). Oh, speaking of pertinent questions, why did the final sketch of the evening get scrubbed from the Internet? If you watch the full episode on Hulu, this sketch is nowhere to be found. But it has some of the funnier lines of the night? Did you think you could just remove something from the Internet and the Internet wouldn’t notice? Have you ever seen the Internet before?