The Simpsons Has Stripped The Shark

Marge Simpson appears “nude” on the cover of Playboy’s November issue. TMZ “leaked” this image of the cover, and provided their classically important and insightful commentary:

This is the closest you’ll ever get to finding out if the carpet really does match the blue drapes.

Yuck, TMZ. But more importantly: can we be done with The Simpsons now? Don’t get me wrong, The Simpsons will go down in TV Herstory as one of the Greatest Shows of All Time (FILE UNDER: duh). But this season marks the 20 year anniversary of the show’s 1989 debut. That is so many years. And has anyone even watched any of this season’s episodes?

And now this. The Simpsons is Hentai now? Stunt casting on an ancient paper magazine for a show that passed its prime years ago. This is making me :(, and is NOT making me want to do the Bartman.