Oh, American Idol Arcade Game, We Hardly/Never Knew You

Have you ever had something taken away that you didn’t even know was yours to begin with? It’s a strange feeling. There’s loss and remorse, but loss and remorse over what? Loss and remorse over what might have been! That’s what. Such is the case with the American Idol Arcade Videogame DVD Factory Kiosk. In an ideal world, this game would be a coin-operated (or dollar-bill-operated, or whatever) booth in an arcade where you could sing karaoke to your favorite songs, and most importantly, A DVD OF YOUR PERFORMANCE WOULD BE RECORDED. Yesssss. It was in development, but it has been canceled. No one remains untouched by this economic crisis, not even the American Idol Arcade Videogame DVD Factory Kiosk. In any case, the game’s programmers and developers aren’t happy! Angry nerds! Well I am not happy either. Because just look at the glimpse these test videos provide of what might have been:

How embarrassing! Just imagine!

Times a million? AN INCREDIBLE UTOPIA. My dream of turning Videogum into a completely automated feed of Raw Humiliation and Terrible Green Screen Karaoke Videos would have finally been within grasp. I guess we will have to wait another millennium until we can fully and completely eliminate the human element from the Internet. This guy knows what I’m talking about:

“Shoot for the stars and you might just TERMINATE the moon.”