Duh Aficionado Magazine: Jenny Slate Is Fucking Famous Now

Well, that happened fast! So, as you know, Saturday Night Live premiered this weekend with host Megan Fox. I thought it was a pretty good episode! Lots has already been written about it, and the general consensus seems to be that the show was a dud, but I’m not sure why. Admittedly, I am no longer able to watch it from an entirely objective standpoint. But there were plenty of laffs. Stewardesses! Will Forte’s HOTSTUFF new haircut! And I’m not a huge MeganFoxHead, but she did good, too!

But obviously that is not what anyone really wanted to talk about this weekend. What everyone really wanted to talk about was when newcomer (and, full disclosure*, very dear friend of mine) Jenny Slate, said the F-word during the late-episode “Biker Chick Chat” sketch, the entirety of which you can see after the jump.

This immediately became such a huge news story! It was our generation’s Kanye interrupting Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards. It spent the day in the top 10 on Google Alerts. GOOGLE ALERTS! The world’s most important gauge of what is important! Blogs blogged about it! And everyone was talking about Charles Rocket.

Charles Rocket, of course, was famously fired from the show after saying the F-word. Would Jenny Slate suffer a similar fate?! That is what the Internet asked, even though the answer was obviously no. Come on, Internet! Get better at asking stuff! For one thing, Charles Rocket said the F-word on purpose, not in an obvious accident in the middle of a sketch riddled with the word “frickin’.” Not to mention the fact that Lorne Michaels wasn’t even working at Saturday Night Live when the Charles Rocket thing happened. It was during the ill-fated 1980-81 season. Not to mention the fact that IT’S NOT 1981 ANYMORE. Besides, Norm MacDonald said the f-word on Saturday Night Live in 1997 and nothing happened. The world has changed, you guys, we can feel it in the water.

Obviously, I think that if Jenny Slate could take it back she probably would. But my guess is that it’s going to end up being one of the best things that ever happened to her career (second only to getting hired on Saturday Night Live in the first place, what a hot streak she has been on these months!). But she did great on the episode (she also wrote the Biker Chick Chat sketch, which is pretty impressive: a cast member starring in a sketch they wrote themselves with Megan Fox as a supporting character in their very first episode is REALLY SOMETHING). And it’s not so much that there is no such thing as bad publicity. There’s lots of bad publicity out there. It’s more that this was never anything other than great publicity. Saturday Night Live had its most talked about debut since Mayor Giuliani went on and apologized for 9/11 (or whatever). And nothing bad actually happened. People seem to mostly be supportive, but their support is laced with guilty fear! No, you guys, you’re doing it wrong! It’s like the t-shirt always said: NO FEAR.

Oh, and how has no one else commented on the fact that there were TWO pre-taped sketches on the same episode in which the word “fuck” was bleeped out?

My favorite comment on the whole matter comes from the thread on the stupid TMZ post (as if there is another kind of TMZ post):

welcome to Obamas America!!

Indeed. Anyway, congratulations, Jenny Slate. You are so fucking famous now.

*Some of you guys yelled at me the last time I wrote about Jenny for name-dropping or trying to show off. Well, grow up. The fact of the matter is that a really good friend of mine has suddenly become a news story that fits unavoidably within the purview of what this website is about. It’s incredibly weird! And I would just as soon professionally ignore it. But that would be even weirder! So there’s no way around it. Don’t hate.