Saturday Night Live To Blow The Lid Off This Megan Fox Thing

Whoa, you guys, I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but Megan Fox is ssssssssssssssmokin’! (The Mask, now available on VHS and DVD.) Yeah, I just realized that Megan Fox is super hot and it’s weird that no one ever mentions how hot she is or the fact that she is really hot (HOT! HOT LADY!), and they never feature her as a hotso in movies, it’s always dowdy blah blah roles for her. (Can you believe Sarcasm Day is finally here?!)

Obviously everyone either thinks and/or recognizes that Megan Fox is (or is at least considered) very attractive*. Her entire career is centered around her acting ability face and chest and body. Well, America, Saturday Night Live is about to blow the lid off this whole Megan Fox is hot thing. Wait, how do you blow the lid off something? Do you gently reinforce it and make predictable jokes about it?

BOOM! The wool has been pulled from your eyes, Sheeple. THE TRUTH (ABOUT MEGAN FOX’S BEING HOT) IS OUT THERE! It might actually be out there too much. That truth won’t shut up.

In other news: I’m going to watch Saturday Night Live this weekend!

*Megan Fox is attractive, sure, but Megan Fox also looks like she had some work done on her Surrogate (Surrogates in theaters September 25th) if you know what I mean. There’s an indoor Megan Fox and an outdoor Megan Fox, and the only difference is that the outdoor Megan Fox is more attractive, and made out of metal, and liquid plastic, and gnashing robotic teeth.