Hey Nerds, Fix This

The number one Google result for The Tonight Show is The Jay Leno Show? Well that’s just not right! Now, I don’t know how the Internet works (I know it has something to do with JPEGS and mainframes), but I’m pretty sure if the nerds got together, they could fix this. If we can have incredibly lifelike dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park movie, surely we can have a Google result for The Tonight Show that is more accurate, and less :(. And while you are at it, nerds, up in the guts of the machine, making things happen, having no idea how to talk to girls, let’s also get some Jay Leno Google Bombs going, am I right? JUSTICE, 2005-STYLE!

Here are a few preliminary suggestions:

Mayor Of Farts
Suicidal Ideation
Al Qaeda Targets
Eye Prison
The Least Funny Thing There Is

That’s better. (Via WarmingGlow.)