Oh Man, Thursday Night TV Is BACK!

It’s been a long summer (no it hasn’t, come back, summer!). NYC Prep was great and everything (NYC Prep was the worst show ever), but it’s just nice to have our old pals back. “Have our old pals back”? That is so sad! Cat ladies look at me and shake their heads. “At least I have something meaningful in my life,” they say. But anyway, last night! There were a bunch of shows on! And they were almost all great! I’m not going to recap everything that happened because a) get real and b) recapping sitcoms is silly (“And then he made this joke, and then he got hit in the head with a bagel because Jewish writers”). But I will open up the discussion of everything that happened:

Community is great! Obviously, next week will be the real test (get it? Test? Community College? The test is to see if you can get me to the hospital before I bleed to death from these self-inflicted gunshot wounds) since the first episode has been online for awhile and all of the teaser promos were culled jokes from the first episode. But the first episode of Community is in the Lots Of Loves HONORS PROGRAM. (I really do hate myself, that is not a joke when I say that.)

Then there was the debut of The Office. I’ve said in the past that the basic conceit of this show no longer makes sense, which is true, and which suggests that perhaps the show has run its logical course. But obviously it is still so funny! Last night’s episode was a winner from beginning to end, but especially from beginning with the parkour stuff:

But also everything else. You Officeheads out there know what I’m talking about! (Even my least favorite character had some good lines [“Who has been saying there’s another person inside of me, working me with controls?”].)

I didn’t actually get to Parks and Recreation yet, but let me guess: it was hit or miss, maybe a little more miss than you would have liked, but your genuine good-wishes for everyone involved and belief in the overwhelming amount of talent involved with the show forced out a couple extra laughs and you can’t wait to keep watching despite the fact that Rashida Jones spending all her time hanging out at the Chamber of Commerce makes no sense? Was I close?

And then, of course, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The little show that could! You have to hand it to “the gang,” four seasons deep and they’re still just doing what they do best: being assholes! It is surprising how consistent this show has been despite its exponential rise to success. Good! In last night’s episode, Dee exploited a family looking for a surrogate womb, and the boys tried to take advantage of the collapsing real estate market. Also, Charlie became Professor Law over here.

Whoops! Uh oh!

Anyway, everyone’s back! Almost! (30 Rock returns October 15.) Yay!