The TWSS Archives: The At The Movies Promo Trailer Moment

Date: September 1, 2009
Location: Internet
Description: In extended-length promotional trailer for victorious upcoming season of At the Movies in which reviled Ben Lyons and loathed Ben Mankiewicz have been replaced by two of nation’s more thoughtful and respected film critics, one of said new and most welcome replacements issues a shameless TWSS at 03:55 mark. As with most instances of TWSS, user seems ignorant of secondary, unintended TWSS meaning behind original intention of stated nonsexual interpretation of TWSS, and yet in this particular case, the non-TWSS meaning of the TWSS seems like very poor word-choice rather than simply innocent inclusion of TWSS. In that sense, TWSS is graded in the High Funny to Very High Funny range. SIDENOTE: otherwise, new season of At the Movies looks like a smart return to show’s intellectual and tonal roots; a rare American success story.