The Fuzzy Morality Of The Duck Fashion Parade

Duck fashion parade!

As the one YouTube commenter on this video points out, “This should be illegal? due to selfish inconsiderate reasons.” That almost makes sense! Obviously, that duck bride is miserable. And certainly humankind has a long history of unconscionable cruelty towards animals that is only now getting better, with the punishment and reform of Michael Vick probably. But then you have to think, on the one hand, yes, this duck suffered needlessly and probably isn’t even really getting married, but on the other hand, look how much pleasure it brings to us! We love it! Haha, someone wrap a glass in a napkin so this duck can break it! Who is right and who is wrong in this situation?

It’s like that old morality question: if you were conducting a train, and up ahead there was a switch in the tracks, and if you went one way you would kill 10 ducks, but if you went the other way, you would kill only one duck wearing a wedding gown, which path would you take? You can use scratch paper. The answer after the jump.

A: it’s a false moral equivalency, because ultimately no single life is more important than hahaha, look at that duck! It is cute but also sad. Duck fashion parade! (Thanks for the tip, Edith.)