That’s Your Boyfriend: This Guy Is Your Boyfriend

This guy is your boyfriend. No clever jokes. No funny stories. Plain and simple: this is the guy who you date and are in love with. You want to spend the rest of your life with him. You are trying to find an appropriate time for him to meet your parents. On your birthday and other holidays, you would rather spend it just with him. He’s not just your lover, he is your best friend. Your confidante. Your rock. You can’t imagine your life without him, and you can’t remember your life before him. XOXO, that is how you end emails to him. One time you even wrote him a love letter, like on paper, even though people don’t do that anymore. You have had other boyfriends in the past, true, but this is your boyfriend now. For real. I can’t stress this enough: you guys date. Probably forever. Definitely forever.

Oh, and the guy in the background? With the sunglasses? And no shirt? Just pacing around in the background like what? Also your boyfriend. (Via Joe Mande.)